Let There Be light: The Lumination of Nia”


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Release date 9/10/2022


Location: The Winners Circle Church
258 South Gratiot Ave.
Mount Clemens 48043.
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As a personal development coach, Dr. Sonya C. Thomas guides you towards a breakthrough with an introduction to the Nia Concept.  “Let There Be light: The Lumination of Nia” (purpose) will bring you awareness to the function in a centrifugal force the moves with your vision, your purpose, foundation and a directed pathway.  You will learn how to identify and navigate your purpose as you discover or uncover your five-star points: anchor, peer, mentor, sponsor, and champion.  All this will enhance your professional growth in corporate, business, or entrepreneurial journey.

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3 reviews for Let There Be light: The Lumination of Nia”

  1. Jacqueline Curry

    This will be a awesome book

  2. Dora Cole

    Awesome book! A good read. I almost finished it in a week. “Your purpose is not for you, it is for society—those here on earth who need you. Your purpose is to expand and grow. The people need what you have. Not walking in your purpose is selfish. The world needs what you have.”- by Dr Thomas. This book is a toolkit to help shine the light on who you are, and gives you a strategy and plan to illuminating your path to your destiny.❤ zgreat job!!👏

  3. Mary Hooker

    The book “Let There Be Light: The Lumination of Nia” is definitely poised to be a Best Seller! It is a simple read with a punch of life changing quality! Dr. Thomas’ view on the steps to finding your purpose is unparalleled! This book coaches readers to visually see the 5 points of a star on their path to attaining dreams, goals, purpose, etc., which are each uniquely represented by “purposeful relationships.” These relationships are paramount for success, as we are reminded of the need for accountability. Dr. Thomas’ expertise in leadership and development is displayed on every page of the book. Readers from all stages of life are sure to embark on success after utilizing the tools this author has generously and strategically shared.

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